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Go through your front door as if you were a buyer & looking at your home for the 1st time. Is the drive & sidewalk clean & clear of clutter? Has the yard been mowed? As you open the front door, do you see any peeling paint? Are the windows clean? A gallon paint doesn't cost much, but can make a difference in how the home looks on a first walk through.

Look inside and you will be surprised how a few changes can make your home more appealing to a potential buyer!

Living Room: This is a room shared by every member of the household and also the area where guests are normally entertained. The condition of your living room can make a powerful statement about the way your home is run. Keeping your living room organized and clutter free gives guests and homebuyers a good impression of the rest of your home. Pictures of your family and collectables are another item that should be limited. It is always nice to have pictures of your family around, but remember that you want the buyers to picture themselves in the home and they can not do so if there are too many of your family's pictures displayed and it will also appear larger if most items are packed away. It will also make it easier for you on moving day/

The Kitchen: People place a lot emphasis on the kitchen because it is used so frequently. Having too much clutter can give buyers the impression that the room is too small to meet their needs. The state of your countertops have crumbs, spills, & dirty washcloths, chances are that your cupboards, drawers and refrigerator are also in a state of chaos. Most people tend to place all small appliances on their countertops. While selling your home, these items needs to be placed out of sight so that the kitchen looks larger and cleaner.


The bedroom: It is very important to make the bed and make sure that clothes are picked up. Graphic posters should be packed away. Remember, you want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living here. Make sure that toys are put away. We all love kids, but don't like to trip over toys.

The bathroom: The bathroom is one area prone to clutter. It is important to keep the bathroom clutter-free and clean. Countertops should be cleared completely. Potential homebuyer's aren't interested in seeing traces of your personal hygiene habits; they want to see a bathroom that is spacious and immaculate.

Finally, odd odors are noticeable! We get accustom to smells like pets and smoke, but the minute a buyer walks in the notice. Keep litter boxes clean, clean carpet & upholstery, and if you smoke, clean walls and anything that might hold smoke in. While your house is on the market, you may consider smoking outside.

When your home is being shown, it is important that you are not there. Buyers are normally uncomfortable when the owners are present & will not be able to concentrate on the many features your home has to offer, which could rule out your home

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